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  2. Synthetic research
    Domestic API manufacturer of Henan Jingkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
    Raw material medicine
    Prepared by chemical synthesis and plant extraction as medicinal powder ...
    The so-called pharmaceutical intermediates are actually some chemical raw...

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    Henan Jingkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise in the production and R & D of raw materials in Xuchang City, Xuchang antipsychotic drug engineering technology ...                      [ More ]

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    Service Telphone: 0374-5697002;15537159686

    Henan Jingkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
    Company service hotline: 0374-5697002
    Sales Department Tel: 0374-5697002; Mr. Du: 15537159686; QQ: 632403396
    Address: Fine Chemical Industry Park, Jian'an District, Xuchang City, Henan Province
    website: www.newarkhousebuyers.com
    E-mail: hnjkzyyxgs2018@163.com

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